Sunday, 4 April 2010

'Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution' Venezuelan Speaking Tour, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Newcastle, 24-25 April, 2 May, 10 May 2010

Friends, compañeros, comrades,

Up to four Venezuelan activists, some members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) are on a speaking tour of Britain towards the end of April. They come at a time when the Bolivarian Revolution has reached a critical stage.The programme of nationalisations - of banks, industries, food distribution networks - has thrown down a direct challenge to the economic power of the ruling class and its imperialist supporters.

•How is this process being carried forward?
•What are the political implications?

Come and hear these representatives of a real revolutionary process, in:

Saturday 24 April, 2-5pm
El Rincon Latino, Roscoe Street, L1

Sunday 25 April, 1.30pm- 5pm
Cross Street Unitarian Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester, M2

Sunday 2 May, 7pm
Upstairs at the Compass Pub, Penton Street (corner of Chapel Market), Angel, London N1

Monday 10 May, 7pm
Room NB442, Northumberland Building,
Northumbria University

These meetings are organised in conjunction with Maura Duffy, a PhD student and Graduate Assistant at the University of Manchester. The four comrades are:

Rosa Pulido: Rosa is a resident of Cano Amarillo in Caracas and an active member of her local Communal Council and other community organisations. She also works as a ‘Promotora Comunal’ or Community Developer for the education department of the Parochial Council and as a teacher at the Bolivarian University (UBV) in Caracas.

Eduardo Mujica: an artist and community activist, will speak about his personal experiences in the underground guerrilla movement and of his political persecution and imprisonment in the 1980s, and give a personal account of the Caracazo uprising of 1989. Eduardo currently works as a lecturer at UNEARTE (The Experimental University for the Arts) in Caracas and for the Ministry of Culture.

Rafael Ramos: is a student of art at UNEARTE (The Experimental University for the Arts) in Caracas and the creator and Co-ordinator of the Frente Humanista Unido por las Artes (FHUARTS-27), a revolutionary student movement. Rafael is also a member of the youth wing of the PSUV Party in Venezuela and will talk about the role of the Party in the Bolivarian Revolution.

Nestor Garcia: is a student of art at UNEARTE, the spokesperson of FHUARTS-27 and a Facilitator in Mission Sucre.

If you missed RATB's speaking tour of 2008 with Che Guevara's deputy Orlando Borrego and others, don't miss this opportunity!

In solidarity,

Manchester RATB