Friday, 25 February 2011

Cuba Rejects Military Intervention in Libya

Source: Prensa Latina, 25 February 2011.

Cuba rejected on Friday before the UN Human Rights Council any maneuver leading to foreign military intervention in Libya and reiterated a call to keep calm to Libyan authorities.

"We cannot accept the risk that this tragic situation is used to satisfy pro-intervention greed, strip the Libyan people of its sovereignty and take over their resources," said Cuban permanent representative to the UNHRC in Geneva Rodolfo Reyes said.

He warned of plans for a humanitarian military intervention "to which we oppose because, instead of solving the situation it would rather worsen it further and it might have other serious implications."

In an official statement addressed to the head of the UNHRC, Reyes said that Cuba has denounced from the start these plans to occupy Libya and categorically rejects any maneuver to favor such purposes.

Certainly, the Libyan people oppose any foreign military intervention, said the Cuban ambassador, who also cited Cuba's concern about the internal situation of civil war surrounding Libya "in the context of a world economic crisis of great dimensions that is plunging the peoples of that region and the world into hopelessness," as stated by Cuban Foreign Minister Brino Rodriguez in Brussels.

We want the Libyan people to reach a prompt, peaceful, sovereign solution to the situation created there, without any kind of interference or foreign intervention, that secures the integrity of the Libyan nation, said Reyes as he expressed the Cuban Government's stand.