Saturday, 12 March 2011

Cubans Save More Haitians Infected with Cholera

Source: Cuban News Agency, 7 March 2011.

The work carried out in Haiti by the Cuban Henry Reeve Medical Brigade has represented saving the lives of over 1,100 citizens of that small and impoverished nation, now affected by cholera. The health facilities where the Cuban physicians are working have not reported deaths as a consequence of this disease over the last 43 days, the National Television Newscast (TVC) reported on Friday [4 March 2011].

Over the last six days, the members of the Henry Reeve Brigade have had reports of less than 150 cases of cholera a day, the TVC special correspondent pointed out. He added that cholera cases have decreased in Haiti, although the most recent reports ofthat country’s Health Ministry show that 245,183 persons have suffered from the disease, added the source.

For Cubans, this change of situation implied the return home of the first 150 members of the Brigade, out of the 477 that will gradually return, explained the television report.

In Haiti, the cholera epidemic has caused the death of some 4,620 people and over 245,000 have caught the disease. Over the last two weeks, the number of cases has decreased considerably and a 0.39 mortality rate has been maintained, the lowest since the outbreak of cholera.

Cuba has been offering medical services in Haiti for 11 years now, and it’s presently one of the nations that has helped Haiti the most with health equipment and staff, which has earned it the respect and admiration of both the Haitian authorities and the population.

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