Thursday, 21 April 2011

Local Assemblies of People’s Power to enjoy more authority

Source: Cuban News Agency (ACN), 19 April 2011.

A resolution on a process to give more authority to the Local Assemblies of the People’s Power and to asses their work was passed in the Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) that concluded on Tuesday morning at Havana’s Convention Center.

The document “Improving Organs of the People’s Power, the Electoral System, and the Political and Administrative Division” was presented by delegate Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada. The resolution, which was unanimously approved, proposes the assessment of functional and organizational difficulties of representative and administrative bodies at the municipal and provincial levels.

The text notes that in order to do so it is necessary to continue studying the structures that will be implemented in the new provinces of Artemisa and Mayabeque. It highlights the need to find the proper ways to delimit attributions and relations among the Assemblies and their Administration Councils with the Organs of the Central Administration of the State and enterprises located in their territories, as well as to promote more autonomy of the municipalities.

It also explains that this process will require changes in the Political and Administrative Division of the country, with the purpose of adjusting current boundaries; and for that it is necessary to revise and define the organization of big provincial capital cities like Havana.

The document states that a process of this nature demands different proceedings, legal terms, and adjustments in the Electoral System, on the basis of the key principles that support it and show its democratic and participatory character; as well as the amendment of a series of juridical norms taking into account the present scenario.

The Sixth Congress of the PCC agreed that its Central Committee will transmit the corresponding recommendations to the National Assembly of the People’s Power.