Sunday, 16 January 2011

Google censors Cuban YouTube account

by The South Journal, 13 January 2011
Source: CubanDemocracy blog

Cubadebate website, one of the South Journal´s major news sources about Cuba, has denounced that Google cut its access to YouTube video services on the grounds of a copyright violation. The cause allegedly was the use by Cubadebate of a piece of video [see below - RATB] about the presentation in the US city of Miami of the Legal Fund for Luis Posada Carriles, which the Cuba website recently published. The piece had been edited out of a longer video that was published on the Internet and was reproduced by several sites without any credit, Cubadebate explains.

The copyright claim was filed by the person who filmed former CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles announcing that he would be in Cuba this year as he claimed payment for his services—including the bombing in 1976 of a Cuban airliner that claimed 73 innocent lives. Following that claim, Google cut the access to YouTube video services in a moment when Cubadebate had already uploaded over 400 videos and had registered 1,6 million downloads.

It might seem the right response to a copyright violation, but not by mere chance it happened just when Luis Posada Carriles is facing a trial in El Paso, Texas for immigration fraud and his large terrorist background may come to surface during the process due to the huge amount of evidence and proofs about his terrorist actions.

As Cubadebate explains in its denunciation, YouTube is infected with videos showing manipulated and biased information about Cuba, and images that have been “stolen” from Cubadebate website, but Google has not taken any action in this respect.

Obviously, keeping public opinion behind the wall of silence that unsuccessfully tries to hide Posada´s crimes in such a crucial moment is a Must for those who protect him. They simply cannot allow more evidence to surface now; US public opinion has been kept away from learning about the horrors committed by the man who, the Miami-based “anti-Castro” groups want to make a appear as a hero.

The action by Google was strongly condemned by Cubadebate as an attempt against the Freedom of Expression of an alternative site that, due to the US economic blockade of Cuba, has no other choice than using a satellite-based connection and has no resources to manage its own multimedia servers. Not to mention that it can not purchase exclusive videos produced in the U.S. that reveal the impunity of Miami-based terrorists, which are significant for their news services.

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