Tuesday, 4 January 2011

US terrorist Posada Carriles’ Trial approaches

Posada Trial Approaches - Worldwide Demonstrations Needed
Source: FreetheFive.org

The long-delayed trial of Luis Posada Carriles will begin on January 10, after the judge rejected defense motions for yet another delay. In Havana, Posada's accomplice Francisco Chávez Abarca was just convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison after admitting his role in planting bombs in Havana hotels, as an accomplice of Posada.

The U.S. government continues to ignore Venezuela's request for Posada's extradition. If the U.S. refuses to extradite, it is obligated by international law to try Posada for the murder of 73 people on board Cubana Flight 455. Instead, the government will only prosecute him on the much lesser charge of perjury.

Only a massive show of worldwide support can possibly bring justice for the victims of Flight 455, justice for Fabio di Celmo and the many other victims of Posada Carriles. A worldwide outpouring is needed to demand that the U.S. government extradite Posada to stand trial for his real crimes.

While Posada, Orlando Bosch and other terrorists enjoy complete impunity in Miami, the U.S. government continues to imprison the Cuban Five anti-terrorists, who never harmed anyone, but were on a mission to stop terrorist attacks on Cuba. In El Paso we will raise our banners for the Five, and demand that the Obama administration free the Cuban Five immediately.

The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, and other organizations will be in El Paso on January 10 for the start of Posada's trial, demonstrating in front of the courthouse. We call on all supporters of the Cuban Five, and supporters of justice to hold simultaneous demonstrations that day at U.S. embassies and other appropriate locations in the U.S. and around the world. Join us as we raise our voices and demand: Extradite Posada! Free the Cuban Five! End the blockade of Cuba! And please let us know of your plans so we can help publicize them on our website and on Facebook.

If you live in the U.S. Southwest, we urge you to organize a caravan to El Paso and participate in the "People's Tribunal", featuring Ramsey Clark, on Sunday, Jan. 9, and the protest when Posada's trial begins, Monday, Jan. 10.

Posada Carriles’ Trial to Include Evidence of Terrorism against Cuba
By Redaction AHORA, 08 December 2010.
Source: Ahora.cu

The evidence collected by Cuban authorities and the FBI on the role played by notorious terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in the 1997 string of bombing attacks against tourist facilities in Havana will reportedly be included in the trial against him.

Cubadebate reports that this will be the first time that a recorded interview with Posada by a journalist from The New York Times, in which he admits that he planned the terrorist attacks, will be presented before a jury.

Cubadebate adds that at the trial, which is scheduled for January 10, 2011, in El Paso, Texas, the intention is not to demonstrate that Posada Carriles is a self-confessed terrorist, but a liar, who committed fraud and lied to US immigration officials upon entering the US illegally in 2005.

Judge Kathleen Cardone affirmed that she decided to allow the presentation of the five-hour recordings by journalist Ann Louise Bardach because she was trustworthy.

Bardach testified on a closed-door hearing on November 15, on her interview with Posada and on the management of the tapes with The New York Times.

As said by The New Herald, attorneys from the Justice Department are planning to present in the trial more than 3 500 pages of official documents from Cuba and Guatemala, detailing the attacks in Havana, the perpetrators, the plotters and the explosive devices used.

FBI agents collected documents showing money transferences of nearly 19 000 US dollars from New Jersey to Posada in El Salvador and Guatemala between October 1996 and January 1998.

The FBI assumes the money was used to finance the attacks. Nevertheless, the judge blocked hundreds of other documents on the links between Posada and the CIA for more than 25 years.