Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cuban doctors treated 0.5m Rwandans

Rwanda: Cuban Medics End Two-Year Duty Tour
by Edwin Musoni, 10 March 2011.
Source: The New Times

Twenty nine Cuban volunteer specialist doctors, Tuesday, ended their two-year tour of duty in Rwanda where they treated over 500,000 patients from various hospitals across the country.

The doctors also trained Rwandan medical practitioners. The Minister of Health, Dr Richard Sezibera acknowledged the work done by the Cubans.

“You have done a lot and we are very grateful. You did not only treat thousands of Rwandans but also did community outreach programmes which have promoted health in our country,” Dr Sezibera said. “I commend the manner in which you executed your work; you also helped Rwandan clinics in your free time.”

Sezibera thanked the South African and Cuban governments for what he termed as a “South to South Cooperation” with Rwanda. “This is the third brigade and you replaced a number of your colleagues who were here before. I want to say that this mode of cooperation is indeed a model of south to south cooperation,” said Sezibera.

He noted that the agreement Rwanda had with South Africa and Cuba has expired but the government is in talks with the two countries to renew it. Dr. David Lazarus, a Cuban oncologist hailed the partnership his country has with Rwanda and said that during their stay in Rwanda the team worked with commitment and had left a significant impact to many lives.