Friday, 13 May 2011

Journalists attacked in Honduras

Attacks on media workers continue in Honduras, during business conference
Source:, 08 May 2011.

Recent attacks on journalists were reported in Honduras during a business conference attended by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who both acted as key spokespersons for the initiative promoted by the Lobo regime and the State Department.

A TV Globo cameraman, Udiel Gudiel Rodríguez, was beaten while covering a clash between police and students near the conference location at a public University in San Pedro Sula. The cameraman was filming firsthand this repression, when a police officer noticed his presence and began beating the young man. According to several eyewitnesses, the act was joined by at least fifteen officers who continued the beating, grabbed the camera and dragged Udiel on the ground.

In earlier days, Udiel had been attacked in Tegucigalpa while covering the demonstrations of the Honduran resistance, and on this occasion he was threatened "We're going to peel you" by the police. This was reported by him to COFADEH.

In addition, Silvia Ardon, a journalist collaborator of Radio Uno, was attacked by the national police when seeking information about detainees, in the same city .This occurred days before the director of that radio, Arnulfo Aguilar, suffered an assassination attempt at home. At that time, Aguilar had already protective measures by the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights due to similar situations which he and his team have suffered in recent months.

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